Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy 11th Birthday Chandler Garrett!!

This is a little late, but I am just now getting caught up. On May12th, my little man celebrated his eleventh birthday!!! I can't believe it. He can no longer tell you how old he is with just his hands, now he has to take off a shoe.

Happy birthday Peanut!!! You are so so loved!!!

Garrett & his cousin Brenton are only 4 months apart. I loved this picture of them! I hope they are always close.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oh Happy Day!!

June 2nd was a day that we had long waited for. OUR WEDDING!!!!

This was a day that not only Randy and I had hoped and prayed for, but also a day that our family and friends had prayed for us. We wanted our day to reflect the love that we have for all of those who have invested in our lives and who played a role in us finding each other.

We had the best time! From the song sung by my longest friend, Kelli (24 years), to us leaving on Randy's John Deere, it had "us" written all over it!!!

We had a great photographer ...Crystal with Studio Vitae, she did an amazing job of capturing all of the little details that we worked so hard on. (Yes, we. Randy spent many an hour helping me cut, glue, sort, tie, fold, and stuff) She also got some great candid shots that really show the sheer joy of our day. We can't say quite enough about Crystal. Check out the "Wedding Day Sneek Peek" at
Well, here we go......
Randy and I are getting used to being MARRIED!!!!! We are loving it. We are happy to get our life with Chandler going and get into some sort of routine. It is my hope that this little blogspot is a way for us to share our life with our family and friends that don't live around the corner. So, please, please, write, comment, and keep in touch!