Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

I really am not a huge fan of Valentines Day. I think that you shouldn't need a day to tell your significant other that you love them. So, ever since I have been a Mommy, I have tried to make it more of a family event. This was our first year to be together as a family so, I wanted to show them that they are precious to me and celebrate them. Both Randy woke up to their mirrors decorated with a note from me and a pair of heart boxers and a card. Then for dinner, I made their favorites...Steak, Twice Baked Potatoes, Hot Cheesy Corn, and Salad. Then some goodies from my favorite little spot (Simply You Cafe). Then, hangin' on the couch watching a little t.v.- which we love to do as a family. I hope that you had a good day with the ones that you love!

They are telling me to hurry up, so they can eat!

Simply You sugar cookies and a Strawberry Cupcake for me! YUMMMMY!!!

My favorite see my husband, my little man, and our sweet puppy Zoey snuggled up to relax and watch tv!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Under Construction!!!!

I am trying to teach myself about photoshop and all that mess. While I am at it, I am practicing on the BLOG, so every time you log on and check us out, chances are that it will look a little wackadoo. If you happen to like what it looks like, let me know...if you don't, well I guess let me know that too. 

Later Gator!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Urgent Government Warning!!!!

Do NOT chew gum while exercising!!!!

My friend Jessica sent this to me last week when I really needed a good laugh.
It worked.
I hope that you laugh too!

My Encouragement for the day....Thanks Tiffany!

A sweet friend sent this to me today...I thought it appropriate for what we are dealing with. I hope that it is an encouragement to someone else.

"When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. The will of GOD will never take you where the grace of GOD will not protect you."

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandaddy!
Randy's parents came and stayed with Chandler and Zoey
while we were in Cabo. I have always wanted a sombrero and this trip was
my chance! When I buy souviners, I try to buy something that 
we can use as a family instead of a t-shirt made in china (not that there's anything wrong with that). So we now have a family birthday hat and 
moracas. Everyone in our house gets to wear the 
Birthday sombrero and shake "it" to the Birthday song! So fun. 
Randy's daddy was our first victim! He wore it with pride!
Shook his moracas like a real hispanic man!
So, Feliz Cuplianos Grandaddy!
We love you!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

and the third one is 7!

 The last of three of my favorite boys (that aren't mine) turned 7 last week...and I forgot to take my camera to Cameron's birthday dinner, so no picture :(

I can still remember so clearly, the week that their mommies told me they were on their way. First Jaclyn- she told me that I was going to be an aunt...FINALLY! I couldn't wait! Then a couple of days later Kim had more big news! I was thrilled! I couldn't imagine getting two new babies at once! How exciting! Chris and Erin were living in Washington D.C. at the time (he was in the Navy). She called me that Sunday afternoon just to check in... I so clearly remember saying, "You won't believe all the great news around here! Both Kim and Jaclyn are pregnant and due the same week! Isn't that so funny? I don't think that I could possibly stand any more good news!" I could almost hear her grinning on the other line, "Well, guess what... I am pregnant too!!!" OH MY GOODNESS!!!! It was so great! And now seven years later, we have three precious nephews that are each about 5 days apart. I can't believe that the time has flown by so quickly!

So, Happy Birthday again to Harrison, Blake, and Cameron! I love you each to pieces!

Happy 7th Birthday Blake!!

My sweet little man Blake celebrated his birthday on January 25th. Instead of a big party, he opted for a BIG present- a WII. 
(which, by the way, he thinks is FABULOUS) We went over for a little family cake and ice cream family time, and then took him roller skating. I loved it I think more than Blake did. Why? Well, let's just say that Randy really loves Blake and Garrett....because there is no other reason on earth that my husband would strap on a pair of roller skates. But, OH the joy of watching him wobble around and fall on his butt! GREATNESS!!!! It is one of the moments that I loved him most in the past year.

I can not believe that our little Blake is already 7! Our world is better with him in it! I love you Blaker! 

and I quote,"I don't like that dog!"

Oh how I giggled when I looked over on the couch and saw my husband curled up and asleep with "that dog". He still carries on about how much he dislikes my precious little Zoey, he is very believable don't you think? This is not a rarity anymore. To tell you the truth, there are lots of times that she picks him to snuggle up
 over me (which I hate), and he inevitably gives me a little smirk---essentially saying "Nannie nannie boo boo"

Here's to many more nights of sleeping with "that dog"!

Playing Catch Up

In light of our last week, we are behind on Blogging. We have had some good things going on with sad and so now I am going to "play catch up" So get ready for several all in a row....
Before I do though, let me take a moment to give you an update on us.  

My surgery last Tuesday went very well. The procedure that they did on Monday was really uncomfortable (painful actually) and it made that night fairly rough-but it made the surgery go MUCH better. I have really not had much pain since, if any.

Emotionally, we are okay too. I have a had a few moments that hit me like a tsunami-just right out of the blue and knocked me on my emotional butt. Often, like a tsunami, it passes just as quickly as it hits. I am not in the corner in a ball, our days are still full of happiness and joy. I am in the "island" mode- if you know me very well, it just means that I am on a little island with just me and my family and don't tend to let any one else on for a visit. I don't usually answer the phone or return emails-I hope that it is not received as rude or ungrateful. Please know, that I am so grateful for all of the words of love and encouragement that we have gotten through email, cards, phone calls, silent fervent prayers,  flowers and more. We are always so humbled when we are physically shown God's grace and provision through the love of fellow believers. 

I can feel that my "island" time is coming to an end...I will soon be me again and back in the swing of things. Until then, catch up on our blog and I will talk to you soon.

Much love to you all--