Saturday, April 18, 2009

Quick Post....

We had an Awesome morning at the MOD walk! So many thing to share! Here is a quick look...I will follow up with more later!

ENJOY!!!! (we sure did!)

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Friday, April 03, 2009


So, we are in the car tonight. Chandler has NOT STOPPED talking for the last 3 or 4 hours....litterally. (wonder where he gets that from?) When he is like this there is NO stopping him, he just goes on and on. But, I never want to tell him to "Hush" because I know there will be a day that he won't want to talk to us at all, so we try to not discourage it. Also, when he is like this, he tends to say some VERY funny things. Tonight was no exception. We were discussing "dating" and all that and here is what was said....

Chandler- "Isn't the person you date supposed to be your best friend? Like, aren't you supposed to want to spend alot of time together?"

Me- "Well, no not really. You should each have your own friends and your own lives outside of your 'girlfriend' " (this is my attempt to teach him not to let some cute little chicky-poo dominate all of his time when he starts dating-a mom can try can't she?"

Randy- "Alot of times you date people who aren't anything like you. You know, opposites attract"

Chandler- "Hmmm... you mean like you and Mom? She's "artsy" and you're "fartsy"

I nearly wet my pants. The kid speaks the truth I tell ya! That couldn't be more on the money, of our relationship. :)

I love that kid! 

Hi Everyone!!!!

Just wanted to give a little update on our March of Dimes walk. We are so amazed and really blessed by those who have been able to donate to "Team Sweet Cheeks"  As of this morning we are at $2185!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!?! SO EXCITING!!!! Not only that, we are up to 30 walkers!!! Quick shout out to our team....

*Carolyn Bussey *Scott Norris
*Jaclyn Hatcher *Amber Norris
*Hunter Hatcher *Mikayleigh Norris
*Chad Kaercher *Kaylyn Norris
*Kim Kaercher *Ken Norris
*Blake Kaercher *Sharon Norris
*Callie Kaercher *Richard Sharpton
*Keri Vaughan *Sharon Sharpton
*Trinity Vaughan  *Jesse Sutton
*Thomas Vaughan *Keren Sutton
*Kristie Ezell *Sharon King
*Levi Black *Randy Cheeks
*Heather Black *Tomi Cheeks
*Neeley Black *Chandler Patterson
*Will Black *Teresa Blackmon

We are thrilled! As you can see we have several families and sweet little ones joining us! It is not too late for you to be a part of our team OR to donate! To be on the team, just let me know (asap) that you want to walk and also give me your size t-shirt. Those HAVE to be ordered by Tuesday, so if you would like one, I need to know soon. :) To donate, click here. Please feel free to forward our link to those you work with, family, and friends. The site will give them Sterling's story and picture, why we are walking, and  how to donate or even join our team. We are still planning on a small breakfast that morning and picnic lunch afterwards (with a cake too!). This is going to be so great and we are so happy that you are all taking this journey with us, if  it is financially, walking, or  sending your sweet thoughts and prayers our way! 

Hope to hear from some more of you soon! :)

And...Just because a post is better with a picture....
Here is the reason we are walking! Pretty sweet, Huh?!?!