Saturday, August 01, 2009

The 4th of July!
we were in Nashville for the 4th too. i LOVE the 4th. i LOVE a cookout. i LOVE fireworks.
we went to church saturday morning, had a cookout to celebrate both the 4th and my sisters in-law birthday. then set out to see some fireworks. it flipping POURED DOWN RAIN. HARD. we still tried to go and see them from the car-which is not near as fun as sitting out in the grass with a picnic, but we made a memory anyway. we scrunched up and mashed our faces up to the windows, but all we saw was lightning. we gave up and went home. 
chandler got a pic of randy and i huddled up in the car.
and here they are in the front seat-waiting for the light show.
.....and sterling. she wasn't interested at all! she slept through the whole adventure.

we are so blessed to live in a country where we can worship the God that we love. 
we can love who we choose to love.
we can be who and what we want to be.

happy 4th, and thank you to those (and their famillies) who have sacrificed
 so much for us to enjoy our freedom!