Tuesday, November 27, 2007

To it's fullest-

I have pondered and thought about how or what to say about this, and really there are no words that are appropriate or seem to do justice. However, I couldn't say nothing; so here goes...

My friend Jill lost her sister last Sunday night. Tragically. Brutally. I can't wrap my brain around what she has been through. To have to I.D. your sister. To have to tell her children that she is gone. Unbearable.

Today, I stood and watched Jill and her family bury her sister Billie. As I stood there, I thought about tomorrow. How I would wake Chandler up, take him to school, and go about my day. How Billie's children would have someone else wake them, take them to school, and they will just try to endure their grief. How Jill will try to move on, and have some sense of normality. 

As the minister reminded me today, life is not about the amount of time that you have, but what you do in the time that you are given. Living life to the fullest and enjoy the beauty that God has surrounded you with. Your family, friends, home, His church, His love, His hope for a future. We are called to have a life of Joy that can only come from Him and to also share that same Joy with others.

Please, in your moment of quietness, remember my friend Jill, her family, her sister's children, their friends. Pray God's peace and healing. Love your family. Live life to it's fullest. 

Monday, November 26, 2007

Look what God sent on Thanksgiving!!!

We got a HUGE cold front on Wednesday
 just before Thanksgiving. It was REALLLLY Cold!Then while we were getting ready for lunch,
we looked out the window and found....
Big, beautiful, white, snow.
It was so great. 
The perfect beginning to the holiday season.
God is SO GOOD!

Snow at the lake
Randy & Chandler
Me & Chandler

So funny!

Turkey for you, turkey for me, turkey turkey turkey.....
(fried that is!)

Oh, how I hope that everyone is loosening their waistbands and basking in the GREATNESS that is Thanksgiving! We had our first married one and made good memories! We went to one of my cousins ranches (Stephen). Randy, Stephen, and Garrett went hunting-I think that Randy fell in love with Graham, TX and the bigness of the deer and Garrett has about decided that he is DONE with hunting...he doesn't like sitting still and being quiet for that long (wonder where he gets that from?)! Thursday morning we all packed up and headed 30 minutes over to Possum Kingdom Lake for lunch. Randy introduced my Aunt and Uncle to the Fabulousness of  fried turkey- he is quite the fried turkey maker, Mom made all the extras (including a roasted turkey-two turkeys!!!) We had a special cold weather, a fire, and a big fat nap or two later, we were on our way home.

Also, just a quick update...I had a goal in mind that I would be back up on my feet and feeling fine by Thanksgiving. Goal not met. :( I am getting better everyday, but it is still a struggle. I have some good days and some really bad days that I can't even get off the couch. But I am thankful that the road to recovery is in progress and I am this far and not just starting at the beginning.

It is cliche, I know, but that is what this is all about....we have so so much to be thankful for. God has poured out so many blessings on me individually, my family, and my friends. We are surrounded by constant reminders of His grace, love, protection, & patience. How can we ever question His provision for us? Take a moment this season to love the gifts that He has given you and thank Him for them.
Blessings and love to you all!

Randy & Uncle James frying the turkey
Stephen, catching a nap

Family Pic

Stephen, Cathy, & Taylor

Friday, November 16, 2007


So, I am having a nice, quiet, relaxing, night on my couch all alone-at least I thought I was alone. I am sitting here getting caught up on my dvr shows, playing around on my new computer; Randy's huntin' ,Garrett's at his Daddy's ....can all you mommy's just hear the peace and quiet--AAAHHHHHH! and then it happens..................................something out of the corner of my eye-a shadow of movement-very small, a bug maybe, has made it's way from under my couch to my ottoman, then when it had my attention, it came out again, to make sure there was no mistaken identity----A MOUSE!!!!!!! Yes, as a write this, there is a small, cute, grey mouse hiding under my couch and now it is holding me hostage. I am not sure that a good nights sleep is going to happen. Where is my stinkin husband and son when I am in such great danger and turmoil? Sheesh! All I know is if that little mouse invites his friends over, and there is a party in my living room, and one of them feels the need to "crash" in my bed, You and everyone in the contiguous 48 states will hear about it. Hurry home Honey!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

One is sooo FUN!!!!

Two of our favorite little girls turned one this week! Kaylyn and Kate are just 3 days apart and they are so sweet! They both have the most contagious giggles that come from their tip toes and baby blues that will melt your heart. Uncle Randy and I can't get enough of them and we are so blessed that they are in our world! Happy First Birthday Girls! We love you so very much!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages....

It is that time of year again- that's right...the circus!!! G-Dad is a "Past Potentate"(no idea if I spelled that right) of the Shriner's. Which means that he was the "Grand Pumba" and that means special circus privileges! Dinner, ride into the circus on the train, and ring side seats! The kids LOVE it! I never get tired of watching their faces and their eyes light up! Soooo fun! Here are some pics.... can't wait till next year!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Why, oh Why did I not think of this?

Ok...This makes me want to get married again (don't panic-I mean to Randy of course). Maybe most people have seen this, but even though I seem to be on the computer alot, Youtube, is not a site that I check out that often. However...Oprah is something I watch all of the time and she featured this on her show the other day. I am not sure if I could have talked my precious husband into this, but oh how I would have loved it! Check out this link...

This is the 20th Anniversary of Dirty Dancing. How is that possible. I am pretty sure that my mom would have died had she known I was at Jennifer Wood's house watching this and swooning over Patrick Swayze and fascinated in how some one's body moves like that!!! That movie was sooooo risque back then-now it just seems kinds G rated. Who doesn't remember where they were when they first heard- "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." or how you felt when you heard those first few notes of "I've had the time of my life...." AHHHHHH!!!

Hope you are having a great week and that this has inspired you to go and watch Dirty Dancing for the millionth time!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Woe is Me!!!

Oh it is a sad sad day in the Cheeks household. My in-laws are leaving today. Actually they are packing up the car right this second. I am thinking about laying under the back wheels of the car to keep them from leaving (hidden joke if you know my history at all- hee hee)!

I have so loved having them here with me for the past 3 weeks. They have loved and cared for me 24/7. They have kept me company and treated me like their own. I am so blessed to have had them here and don't know how we would have gotten through this surgery and recovery with out them.

It is so rare to have in-laws that you enjoy. Also that you don't want to kill after 2 days- mine were here for three weeks and I am right this second crying buckets over them leaving. Thank you Jim and Carafaye for loving me and making me a part of your family. I will miss you so much!!