Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Hallelujah Chorus!!!!

The angels are singing in unison-shhh...if you're quiet enough you can hear them.
Ok, maybe not angels...but someone, somewhere is singing.
I finally finished Sterlings bedding today (for the most part). I need some pillows here and there, but mostly all DONE!!! I always do this to myself- I have these BIG ideas of what I want and think "I can do that myself" 
Pretty sure this is the last time for this big of a project. My seamstress skills are lacking- ALOT. So if you ever come to visit my precious girl and her funky fabulous room, please, don't look too close at the bedding...but it sure is cute from far away with squinted eyes!
There is still MUCH to be done to get ready for her arrival-not to mention moving. Hopefully, soon I will be able to show you pics of her real nursery in our new house. Now that this is all set up, we have to take it all apart and pack it :( 

This is the full length view- like I have said before, this is NOT her room so there will
be no dead pheasant on the wall.
The inside of her crib-fabulously mis-matched.
I am not a fan of the stuffed animal, BUT, this little one was so different and sassy.
I hope that she is Sterlings favorite. Now we just need a great name for her.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

2921 Oakridge
This is our new house!

After having both our home and our property for sale for over a year, lots of prayer, and some finger crossing...both sold with in three days of each other! Can you imagine? 
HUGE miracle!!! It is closer to our church that we love, in our old familiar town, Chandler will get to go back to school with the kids that he went to elementary school with....good good things, and amazing answers to prayers!!

We found this house last Saturday, made an offer on Sunday, met with a contractor on Tuesday, we close this next Tuesday, and Wednesday morning, renovations start. The whole house has to be re-done. Floors, tile, carpet, tile, paint, kitchen expanded, walls knocked out, doors put in-yadda yadda yadda. It all has to be done in less than 3 weeks!!! 

Needless to say, we have been SO SO SO busy, picking things out, making decisions, looking at furniture, selling furniture, mentally preparing for a move, and I am emotionally preparing to move from the first house that our family lived in. All the while, my sweet husband is working his rear off, Chandler is doing GREAT at school in all of his advanced placement classes, I am Christmas shopping (trying to get ahead), and trying to make all of Sterling's bedding. We are tired, excited, nervous, and so many other emotions all at once.

Lots of great things going on in our family!
We will be sure to show you the house as it goes through it's face lift. Then when we get moved in, you should come see us!

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The Countdown Begins

30 weeks and 10 to go!!!!
I can't believe is it already time to start counting down?

Last time we went to the doctor they found that I am severely anemic and thought that I might have gestational diabetes. Which would explain SO much about some of the things that I have been feeling (so tired, weak, hard time concentrating, light headed, shaky, etc..). So, I got to go back a week later and go through another glucose tolerance test- three hours, some nasty flat orange drink, and 4 vials of blood later- every thing came back fine, NO Diabetes. I do have the anemia, which is treated with some extra iron tablets. No big deal. If that is the worst thing- we are super blessed!!! 

I am getting bigger an bigger by the day. I am carrying her so differently than I ever did Garrett. Straight out in front of me. I CAN NOT imagine what in the world I will look like in 10 weeks. People stop and ask when I am due and when I say December 4th, they are shocked. that it is not in the next few days, or hours for that matter. :) It should be highly interesting to see- I already look like a cartoon character.

Please keep praying for our family as we are preparing for the tiny one and learn to become a family of four. We look so forward to sharing more with you!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Randy's Work Shower

Today, Randy's employee's gave us a shower. It was so nice! They went WAY over what we would have ever expected. They were all so kind and generous with their time and gifts and love. It is so nice to see that the people that work for Randy really do appreciate him and want to help our family celebrate the coming of our Sterling!

There are some picture's below so you can have a little peek at our party. They had everything so cute. On the back porch there were 3 clothes lines that were full with super cute baby clothes and head bands hanging from them. We got our stroller, car seat, and tons of necessities- burp rags, blankies, bottles, etc... They also had a full size upholstered chair made for her bedroom! Wow!

We are super blessed and so thankful for all that they did for us. We can't wait to go through them again and put them up in her room! FUN!!!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

This is how homework should be done!!!

I sent Garrett off to do some homework the other day. He usually does it free of complaining or much fussing. I popped in to check on him and this is what I found....a cold drink, crackers and easy cheese, and an MP3 player (oh, and notice the kitchen timer-so he doesn't read longer than absolutely necessary). I stood there and watched him for a good while before he noticed me...then he was embarrassed.  He still finished up his homework and he was happy as can be. I love these moments-the ones where you catch your kids doing something so stinking cute and they are oblivious to the rest of the world-it's nice to know that they don't grow out that. :)