Friday, September 28, 2007

I got tagged.

Hey everyone! I have been what I like to call BLOG stalking, a photographer named Kate Mefford at Juxtapose Photography. I found her through our fabulous wedding photographer Crystal Wedel's Blog. Anyway... I think that she is amazing and has a really great eye and I am fascinated by her images. She tagged me with this little Blog game- 8 things about me. The wacky thing is, a lot of her things were similar to what I would have said, but I will come up with my very own-

1. I secretly would love to someday play Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors. Wouldn't that be so fun?

2. I have a touch of both OCD and ADD. Which often fight with one another. It makes for some very interesting times for my poor husband. My friend Brian pointed out that when you combine the two you get "ODD" (ha ha), and that I must put things in lines a lot but they are probably in very short lines - very true.

3. I love love love that my husband is a backwoods redneck. It is quite charming and the way he talks makes me laugh really hard sometimes.

4. Year's ago, I began to brainwash my precious son that there was no other college but Texas A&M and that when he grows up, he should live on the same street as his mom-so that I can help baby sit and clean their house for free- pathetic.

5. The earlier mentioned OCD will only allow me to hang my clothes on hangers from the container store (I got that from my Mom) and they have to be hung in "rainbow" order.

6. I am convinced that if everyone else could hear me sing the way that I hear myself and the way that I know God hears me- you would all but tickets to my concert (where I would rock my own guitar).

7. Don't be jealous, but I was a "Spanish Dancer" in high school. I had the ruffled skirt, the puffy sleeved blouse, and the big red flower in my hair. Sad Sad Sad. I can, however, still do the La Cuckaracha.

8. I am a gypsy cowgirl at heart. If I could get away with the Junk Gypsy style everyday of my life I totally would. I do love to wear stuff that makes people think "what the heck"?

So there ya go-hope it wasn't too much of a snoozer. I think I will tag a few people too...

~Jaclyn Hatcher
~Debra Johnson
~Sandra Feazel

In case you are all wondering... I am still trying to get my neck and back taken care of. I am in lots of pain, tingling in my arms, really bad headaches, sleepless nights, major hurting in my back. I am following up with all my therapy, chiropractor, and doctor appointments... we have an appointment with a new doctor and hopefully he will give me some answers. Just keep praying for us and that we will make the best decision to get me back to normal.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This summer we had our good friends the Kearchers and Bellows, along with G-Mom and G-Dad for a little visit. We have a great covered back porch and they went out to play for a bit. I have to take a picture when ever I can get them in the same spot and I am just now getting them on the blog. Aren't they all so cute? Paige, Blake, Callie, & Garrett- I love ya!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Our family has grown by two in the last three weeks!!! We have been blessed with two new nieces and we think they are quite darling. Ainsley (the tiny blonde)and Julia (the one with FABULOUS cheeks). These two bueaties join our other niece Ella and nephews, Brandon and Caden. Our immediate family on the Cheek's side is now up to EIGHTEEN!!!Christmas this year will be so fun! Just wanted to share our newest members and let you ooh and aww over them. Aren't the precious?!

 So, I am still trying to get better. It aint working so great. The trip we made to Houston to see that darling little Ainsley nearly did me in. Long car rides really hurt. I wore my tens unit almost the entire ride and was in tears by the time that we got there. I am starting to get so frustrated....I hate feeling like the "gimp" in the group and having everyone feel bad for me. The whole thing still just stinks.
Where Did The Time Go?
You know that new Kenny Chesney song? "Don't Blink" is the name of it I think. The jist of the song is that time flies by, before you know it it's been 10,20, 30 years and your life is passing you by. Having children definitely helps prove the point. I have always been very aware of the milestones in Garretts life and tried really hard to enjoy them and soak them in. But every now and then, the time really does slap me in the face and I want to scream at it to stop!

Two weeks ago I found myself sitting in my car for the first time watching my baby walk into school on the first day by himself!!! I have always walked him into school on the first day, taking pictures like I was a member of the paparazzi, and usually cried on my way out to the car(yes, I am that mom). Garrett has always graciously allowed me to carry out this ritual with little protest-I think that secretly he liked me being there (at least that's what I told myself). This day however, I sat in my car (still crying and taking pictures-pathetic,I know) and watched as he walked into his very first day of Middle School. Yes, Middle School. Yikes! It was no longer acceptable to let mom walk you in, I didn't even ask.

Didn't I just drop him off in Mrs.LeRoy's Kindergarten class (the fateful day, when he decided to go by Chandler)? So cute with his Mickey Mouse back pack that was bigger than he was.Cubbie holes, crayons, class pets, line leaders, recess, ChickaChicka Boom Boom. Oh, the innocence of elementary school.

Garrett has handled Middle School fabulously! Much better than mom. He started in a new school, didn't know a soul. He walked in like a champ and has yet to say that he didn't want to go back. So, I guess I will keep taking him (I still sit in the circle drive until I can't see him through the glass doors - it makes me feel better for some reason).
This certainly isn't the first time I have felt like this and it definitely won't be the last. I think as parents it is a bitter-sweet joy to watch your children reach these milestones. But some days, don't you wish you could go back in time or at least freeze it? Don't blink.