Saturday, February 28, 2009

3 Months
Our girl turned 3 months old in February.
She is sleeping through the night and eating 
about  6 ounces of formula mixed with cereal 
every 4 hours.  She is a SPITTER!!!! Oh, my! 
I think that we change clothes about 3 times a day
(mommy included). 
It is usually followed by a great big smile and giggle-
 which makes up for the mess !
She is starting to laugh and smile alot and seems 
to follow us with her eyes and listen to our voices.
She LOVES her brother ( the feeling is mutual)!
They are so precious together. 
He adores her and she think
s he is hilarious.
(as you can see in the pictures)
I can't wait to see the relationship that 
grows between them as she grows!

I love the way they look at each other.
No one makes either one of them smile like they do each other.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby's Got a New Pair of Shoes!!!

These were actually Sterling's very first pair of shoes 
and they were so so cute. 
I am sure that this will start a long long love
affair with shoes for my girl. 
I foresee many shopping spree's in our future- 
we just have to wait for daddy to go to the dear lease. :)

Here are a few extra's of her that we just love!

No, she usually doesn't bathe with her bow just happen to be so cute.
This girl LOVES a bath so much. Stick her in and she is a happy happy girl!

Seriously?!?! Are those eyes to die for? And check out those eye lashes! 

Cutie pie!

Sterling at 8 weeks old!

This was Sterling at 8 weeks. She clearly wasn't happy about getting  her picture taken, but it had to be done. (oh the things we put our sweet children through).  She is thriving and doing so great. She is on a good little schedule, waking up only once a night to eat- then she falls right back to sleep. She is so so happy (no really, she is- you just can't tell in this picture) and we could just eat her up!

Long time no Blog.....

Hey everybody!!!! We are STILL alive! The new year has kept us very busy- I don't know that I could tell you exactly with what, but busy none the less. I am trying to catch up on the Blog and let you all back into our lives!

We had our first family photo (first family of 5, that is-don't forget Zoey!) just after Christmas. They were taken by a photographer that I am CRAZY about, her name is Kate Mefford. The best part is, we have her booked to do pictures of us in May and again in November! YAY!  We love the pictures and can't wait to share them with you and have Kate back to do the next session!

Please leave comments! We love them- they make us happy!