Thursday, May 22, 2008

We Are Pleased to Announce.........

...that we are pregnant (again)! This time things are going really great so far! I am officially out of the first trimester and the baby is fabulous- and already so darn cute ;)  We are due December 4th...just in time for Christmas! I am starting to feel much better, I am getting BIGGER by the moment, and getting excited for our family! My doctor has been keeping a close eye on me and checking me more often than she usually would-just taking extra precautions ( which we totally appreciate!) But, because 
of this, we have gotten more 
sonograms than usual-which is FABULOUS!!! We are amazed at how fast the baby grows and changes. 

*The first picture is at 6 weeks. Looks like a peanut and that's about it.

*Picture number two is at 9 weeks. Just three weeks later and you can see it's head and body and the beginnings of arms and legs!

*Number three was just taken yesterday at 12 weeks. This is not the best picture, but during  the 
sonogram, the baby was moving
 ALL over the place (which 
is crazy because I can't feel a thing!) It's arms and legs are getting much longer and you could see all the fingers on one hand (the baby had Jazz hands- love that), and in one shot you could see the perfect little profile already-tiny little nose and everything! 

We took Garrett with us yesterday, and he was FASCINATED! He was pointing out the spine, heart beat, brain, everything- now he thinks he should be a baby doctor (wait till he finds out what all that entails-that will be the end of that)! We feel like it is so important to make this a FAMILY journey as opposed to just Randy and I. We've already asked him if he wants to be in the room when the baby comes- he quickly declined. :)

I was at a women's dinner just 2 weeks after I found out that I was pregnant, we were still very anxious about the news and hadn't (even until just recently) shared our news with anyone. The speaker was talking about when she was pregnant with her daughter and shared a scripture that she prayed over that that moment I knew that it was a promise that I too must claim for my little one on the way, and will continue to pray it everyday.....
"He who began a good work in me, 
will be faithful to complete it!" 
Philippians 1:6

As we continue to get more excited and prepare for this tiny little joy that we already love so much, we ask that you pray for us as a whole family. That this is a precious time for Randy, Garrett and I to bond and really love and enjoy the process! 

We will keep you updated and posted regularly! Can't wait to share it with those of you who love us!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dr. Whitlow

My sweet brother in law, graduated from Vet School two weeks ago! (just look at all those fancy medals, and collars, and stuff!!!) We are so proud of has been a long journey for both he and Melinda. The day after graduation they moved from Stillwater, OK to Nashville, TN(just outside actually). They are taking a few weeks off to spend some well deserved time together before they head back to their new "grown up" life where Travis will be a Vet and Melinda will be back to nursing and taking care of people! They are both super smart and have so much ahead of them. YAY YOU!!!! Can't wait to hear about your new life! 

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Year 12!!!! I just can't believe it! It has been a really big year for Chandler. Starting middle school in a new place, making new friends, living in a new house, with a new step dad, and the list goes on. He has handled this year really well and we are SO proud of him! He truly is such a joy. He is beginning the "pre teen awkward" stage, which is kinda funny to me. He doesn't look like a little boy anymore- a big kid now, with hairy legs and needing deodorant. :) I SO look forward to watching him this next year as we finish up our "kid years" and get ready for a "TEENAGER!" YIKES.  I never truly thought that we would make it this far- he has been such a gift, he has taught me so many things about myself and about the world we live in, he makes me laugh hard, he makes me cry, he makes me crazy, he makes me feel unbelievably blessed and honored to be his mom. Happy 12th Birthday my little man. I love you to the moon and back....

2 till 12

3 till 12

4 till 12

5 till 12

6 till 12

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

7 till 12

You can tell that this is when I started getting interested in photography-LOTS more pictures. This was a really fun year for me to watch Garrett grow and learn so much as he started school and making friends! This is was one of my very FAVORITE years!

8 till 12

Year 5!

9 till 12

Still short on pics- but these are really cute!

First day of preschool funny-love the mustache!

   This is his fourth Birthday on his very first bike!
             He was sooooo excited!!!!

10 till 12!

The next few years photo's are kinda few and far between for some are some of the best ones!
  His first school picture at AngelLand Preschool!
      What a punkin'!

    A monumental day!!!! Potty trained!!!! YAY!!!

  I love this one-I wonder what he was thinking about?!

11 till 12

Yes I am way behind...catching up today. :)
Isn't he so darn cute!?!?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Twelve Days till 12!!!!

Today begins our official countdown to Chandler Garrett's (feel free to use which ever name you prefer :) 12th Birthday. He was born on May 12th, 1996- on Mothers day. I always, like all moms, get very emotional and reminiscent when his birthday gets close, so this year, for the next twelve days I invite you on a walk down memory lane. Each day I will post some pictures of each of his years- it is a shameless way to share pictures of my favorite kid in all the world. Most of the pictures were taken before digital images, so I have taken a picture of the pictures out of his scrapbooks, so the quality aint so great-but you can still see what a precious punkin love he was and still is.

Today, his first hospital picture and shots of his first year. I thought he was the fatest, cutest, little thing ever. I just knew he would be  a husky little football player-you will see that the chubbiness quickly wore off and football no longer a dream. Thanks for indulging this proud mom. Enjoy my little man!!!