Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We are so sad and sorry to report that we have miscarried our baby this weekend. Thankfully, we already knew that there was a major problem when we went in to the office on Monday...we were already prepared to hear bad news. I can't imagine going in blissfully thinking that we were going to hear a heart beat and just heard silence....God was so good to protect us from that. We are obviously sad and grieving the loss of this baby and the dreams that we already had  for that tiny little person and for our family. However, we are completely at peace. Most of you know that this is not the first time I have been through this, and unfortunately seen so many of my friends experience this kind of loss, because of that, it has really helped us have some perspective. We know that God's plan is not always ours and that usually He isn't interested in filling us in on the big picture, but that He is interested in our hearts, and loves us, and He is in control. 

I did have to have a DNC today. Everything went really well. Much to my surprise, I am physically feeling REALLY good. That is a huge blessing. We are at home with our little family and we are all loving on each other and doing fine. Randy has been very supportive, loving, precious and sweet- he is very sad and hates that he can't "fix" it. Garrett is very sad too-but he is really open about how he feels and will be just fine. I am surrounded by my two very favorite boys in the whole wide world and we are going to get through this thing together!

So many of you were so precious to rejoice in our good news, we know that you will love us through our sad news. We see this as a bump in the road and we so look forward to sharing some good news with you again very soon. We are so blessed to have so many who love us and are lifting us in prayer and who are wrapping their arms around us. Thank you for what you are to us.

With Much Love-

Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Hunter & Harrison!
My dear friend Jaclyn has three precious little men. I have
 had the opportunity to wait anxiously at the hospital for each of thier births. Last week the oldest and the youngest 
had birthdays (one day after the other). Harrison turned 7 and Hunter had his very first birthday! I could just eat them up-they are so sweet. So, Happy Happy Day to both of you-Aunt Tom loves ya! Oh...I also stuck in a picture of the middle man, Hudson-just couldn't leave him out. :)

Our High Maintenance Puppy

So, our precious new little girl has become quite the Drama Queen.
 We have had two visits to the Vet in three days. She has decided that she is watching her girlish figure and she will NOT eat! So on visit number two, after finding her severely lethargic, she couldn't even stand up, we had to leave her with the vet
 for the day. (I was so SAD to leave her there....we weren't really sure that she was going to live honestly) She was super dehydrated and her glucose levels were dangerously low, so to get her better they gave her fluids through an i.v. They left in when we brought her home-just in case we had to go back. It was the most pitiful thing ever. She couldn't walk (actually, she wouldn't walk on it) at first, so to watch her stumble around on those three teeny tiney little legs was just sad. We now also get to literally force feed her sugar water, baby food, dog food, antibiotic, and a bunch of other business that she doesn't like. So, we are preparing for the new baby, while practicing on our puppy. Who knew?
JUNO- A total must see!

     I FINALLY saw this movie! And OH MY! I related to this character so so much. In case you don't know much about the movie, heres a little recap....

A sixteen year old girl, who is a Junior in High School finds herself pregnant. After much debate with herself and her best friend, she decieds to give the baby up for adoption- to a family that they find in the Penny Saver (so funny).  The couple is a strung WAY to tight but kind wife (Jennifer Garner) and a deep down rock n roll, horrer film loving husband (Jason Bateman). The movie follows her through her pregnancy and birth and all of the difficulties that follow a pregant teenage girl....heartburn, telling your paretns, getting "fat", being embarrassed, learning that she really wants whats best for this baby growing inside her, being stared at and talked about behind her back, and so on. Oh, and she is silly in love with the father of the baby, but doesn't want to burden him with the situation.

     What I loved so much about this movie, is that it doesn't make teenage pregnancy look cute and fun, it really shows how hard it is and all the emotions that go along with it. The fear in her eyes as she tells her parents, and when she leaves the room, they say they wish that she was into hard drugs or something not as bad as pregnancy. How her friend laughs at her growing belly and how much she eats. Her parents LOVE her and totally support her (they are hilarious by the way), but at the same time they never let her think that what shes done is ok. Having been a teenage mom, I so understand her... I felt the EXACT same way that she does. I WEPT several times in the movie and a few times after...remembering. But, the BEST moment of the movie is in the hospital room after she has had the baby and her Daddy is sitting next to her, stroking her hair, and he says to her,"You will be back here someday, and it will be on your own terms." And the weeping continues! Being pregnant now on my own terms is such a different feeling. I adore my little Garrett and he has taught me so much about my self. I wouldn't change how he came about for anything-it made me who I am. But this time, it is such a joy, a peace, and I think because of how the first time was, I will handle pregnancy so differently and savor it more.

     There is some bad language and crudeness, but the story is precious. It's has a feel that was a little like Little Miss Sunshine (which I also love). It is at times really quite hilarious and I laughed out loud lots, but get ready, it will also make you cry. And the end is not what you expect and leaves you with the feeling of hope for tomarrow. 

     So, bring on my hope for tomarrow and doing this on my own terms!

The song at the very end of this movie is SO GREAT! It is called "Anyone Else" by the Moldy Peaches. Go find it on itunes or where ever and listen to it. 

Friday, January 18, 2008

Here is the thing... My friend Debra is one of the fabulous artists at ware house art chix (who just recently had a precious tiny little boy and she blogs about being a new mommy again after 10 years-it is a must read-trust me) . They have this great blog that I love to read...she is quite hilarious and tonight I went to their site and saw this little piece of eye candy. It is her calendar for the year-you know the cheap black ones from office max. She put 20 minuets into this, just on a whim, and came up with this. Can you imagine having this kind of greatness in your head? Crazy isn't it? I told her that I wanted one-so fun. Anyway, I loved it and just wanted to share  this little happy with you. Have a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Really brave......or really really stupid.
Okay...so I have seen these really great photos of Moms showing their growth through out their pregnancy, and I thought "Hmmmm? I could do that I suppose." I have one maybe two pictures of me when I was carrying Garrett. I have always been sad that I couldn't go back and show him what I looked like with him in my tummy. So, I am going to do this for the love of this tiny baby that I am carrying. Like I said, it is really brave or really stupid....please don't tell me which. I will try to do this every few weeks so that you can all see what we look like. Today, I am just at 7 1/2 weeks and already sportin' a little teeny pooch. There is a really great website that compares your baby with a piece of food each week...it's a fun way to keep track and help Garrett to understand what is going on. The baby is about the size of a blueberry and is growing everyday! Here goes nothin'......

View from the front-not too bad.
From the side-not awful
With the shirt up-a little scary
Okay, now here is the brave part...a tape measure with my real live inches for all to see-
My precious little man. Lets see how long his little arms will fit around my tummy.

   I am really struggling with not sleeping. Since now I am carrying a little one, I can't take ANY of my pain medication or the "help me sleep" medicine. I am feeling better, but still really need to manage pain, but for now tylenol will have to do. I know it will be worth it- pray that I can hang in there!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our first visit with Dr. Wood!!!-so exciting :)

Today was our first trip to the OBGYN,Dr. Wood. So exciting! The best part was seeing Randy squirm in the office-so funny. Anyways...My sweet friend Jaclyn just so happen to have an appointment with another doctor so she stopped by to say "hi" and give a little gift (you can see the pictures of that at the bottom). Every thing looks GREAT. We saw a heartbeat -yay!, she gave us a due date of September 2nd, and we go back in 5 weeks. At that appointment, we will get to hear the heartbeat! So cool. Randy felt a million times better and I think that it is starting to sink in a little more.

It is such a strange feeling. It's been 12 years since I have been through this. Yes, I remember some of it, but the situation was so different than this.I think way back then I was just trying to get through each day and so worried about how I would take care of a baby. Oh my how I loved Garrett-but man, was I scared to death!!! This is a whole new adventure  and it feels like the first time. I can't wait to have Garrett be a part of this baby's life and help us plan for it. Keep checking in-we look forward to sharing our family growth with you!

Us outside Dr. Wood's office

Randy got to sit back and relax in a comfy leather chair....

I, on the other hand, got the stiff chair...complete with stirrups and a lovely paper sheet...
it just ain't right. :)

Our baby's very first picture-isn't it SOOOO cute (well, sorta I guess)
It's about the size of a blueberry this week.
Jaclyn made this too cute little book for us to keep through the 9 months.
It has places for pictures of me GROWING, sonograms, when we find out if
it is a pink baby or a blue baby, and the arrival date! It is so great! 
Can't wait to fill it up! Thanks Jaclyn!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Randy's Christmas Surprise

For Christmas, Randy and I decided that we would do no gifts- so he thought. We have been a little off with each other, so I thought a date might be just what we needed ;) His was the last gift opened at his parents, so everyone gathered around to watch- the note on the outside of the box said..." Clear your calendar, we have a date. I've already reserved our spot so we can't be late. Don't worry it's not a bad surprise, Actually, it's really good...."
Then, he opened the box to se where we were going...."It's an appointment with our OBGYN, Dr. Beverly Wood!  Surprise! We're Pregnant!!!!"
Yes, that's right! We are totally pregnant! Our first appointment is this Thursday. Randy is still a little shocked and it hasn't set in just yet. He is very happy though. Chandler is excited too, but a little unsure about how this will affect him (thus the new puppy- to help along the process).  It was so fun to get to share the news with his family-they jumped up and down, squealed, the whole 9 yards-just the reaction you hope for! We caught it on film and video. Check out the slide show below and then check back for the video on another post. We are so excited about the year that God has in store for our family- lots of new fantastic things ahead and we look forward to sharing it with all of you! Much love!- tomi

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Our new baby!

My husband is THE MOST WONDERFUL MAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!! Much to his shagrin and his good sense he agreed to let us get a new puppy. She is not just any puppy, she is the one I have been begging for(for about a year). We just got her today and we (and by we, I mean Chandler and I-Randy is still undecided) and IN LOVE with her. She is a teacup Yorkie, she is teeny tiny, she is precious, and she is really really really MINE! EEEEEEEE!!!!!! I can't wait for everyone to see her! 

Oh, and we named her Zoey!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Aghhhh!!! 31! Yowza! Yes it is sad but true, I am really and truly in my 30s. I know I was 30
last year, but that is still, kind of a charming number....nothing charming or cute about 31. However
i wouldn't change my life, experiences, family, friends, husband, kiddo, mistakes, or learning experiences
for anything. I remember when I turned 21 and our life was so crazy and up in the air...I wondered if I would
ever make it through my 20's alive. I did make it through-with MANY MANY bumps, bruises, and scars. So last year,
I decided that my 30's were going to be happy. And so far, they have been great! A FABULOUS new husband
(7 months, and we still like each other-yay) a precious 11 year old (can you believe that-11, that is major).
We are stable, safe, and blessed beyond measure. Tonight is Birthday dinner with all my friends, so I will
post pics and info later this weekend!

A "Small" Louisiana Family Christmas

Well,we made it home from our ''little family" Christmas in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When I say little, I am being sarcastic. There are 18, yes EIGHTEEN!!!!, people in or immediate family, and we are still growing.12 adults and 6 grand babies. Did I mention that we all stay in the same house?  It is a wild time. So fun though! Randy's family is so kind and loving-Garrett and I are so lucky that they let us in. It is a big change for this only child to be in a family that big-but I love it! Merry Christmas to all my Cheeks people- we love you so much!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas Morning...a day early~

We celebrated Christmas Morning a day early. Garrett has so many people who love him, we all have to share our time. So this year, he spent the real Christmas morning at his Daddy's with his little sister. So, we did ours a day early. Mom came over and spent the night, we opened one present before bed-always Christmas Pj's. Then, up for gifts the next morning. Garrett got lots of great stuff, it's still fun to watch him get so excited! new golf bag, Legos, wii games, clothes, season tickets to Six Flags (for both he and Randy), just to name a few. Randy got tools, and a book, that he says he might actually read-hee hee! My favorite gift of the day was my new Leopard Rainboots! SO FAB! I wore them all morning with my new jammies! We still, have more to come-check back soon!

Garrett and Grandmom
This is what Santa did-wowie!!
Season Passes to Six Flags-the best part, I don't have to go! :)
Me and the peanut, wrapped up in an afghan that my mom made me! LOVE IT!
Check out my new boots.... aren't they so cute?!