Sunday, June 29, 2008

At least that's what she tells us!
 Randy has a friend that does sonograms
 and she is letting us come in about once a week
 for a peek at the tiny little thing.
After two visits and a total of about an hour and a half,
she is 99% positive that it is a Girl.
She assured us that it was safe to tell our family and friends
and that she would bet her paycheck. 
AND, she says that she has never been wrong!
So, there ya go!
We are thrilled and scared to death! 
We are great at nieces but not sure what to do with a DAUGHTER!!!!
I don't know that I will believe it until I actually see her.
(I am still saving all the receipts...just in case)
Randy is already preparing his plan 
for the poor little boys that want to date her, 
and giving me a list that she is and is not
 allowed to do and wear.
Garrett is excited too! 
He has been at both sonograms and got to see her.
We have about 3 names that we really like-
but I am letting Randy make the final decision
 (because I love all of them and can't choose).
So hopefully we will have a name for the tiny girl very soon!
We can't wait to share some of the pictures from the sonogram-
look for those in the next day or so.
Please keep praying for our family as we prepare for her arrival. 
We still claim

"He who began a good work in me, 
will be faithful to complete it!"
Phillipians 1:6

Let the bow making begin!!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

14 weeks & 4 days!!!

We are well on our way to a healthy baby! I am getting bigger by the day. We haven't been in a very good habit of taking pictures of my "progression"
I just asked Randy tonight to help me to PLEASE help me remember to take more-it's not a huge joy to take a picture in all of my glory-but, I know that we 
will want to see them later. So, the sacrifices of a

The baby is about the size of an avacado and weighs about 6 ounces. I am finally, in the past couple of weeks, feeling better. I still don't sleep great, but 
I am sure that is God's way of preparing me for late nights with the tiny one. :) We had a doctors visit this last Wednesday (Garrett got to go with us). She 
said all looked great! The heart rate was at 156. I have only gained 10 pounds, I say "only" because I fully expected Dr. Wood to tell me that I had gained 25 
so far. After all that I was eating (which was alot-it shocked Randy) a total of 10 all together was not bad at all. Next time might be a different story. They
 asked if I was feeling the baby move yet, but I can't just yet. I so wish that I could. We did get to hear the heart beat- so strong! It
was so awesome to see the look on Randy and Garrett's face when they first heard that sound- the smiles on both of their faces was priceless! The next time
we go, July 9th at 9:15, we get to find out what kind of baby this is. So exciting! We have a good idea of what it is, but we will wait to see if we are right! 

Keep checking in and praying for us and our family!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!!!!

We had a pretty low key fathers day this year. Randy worked on a side job most of the day, slaving away in the million degree heat (what a great way to celebrate-yick) I was planning this BIG HUGE meal for Randy-but because he is the greatest guy EVER, on his way home for working, he offered to take us out for dinner so that I didn't have to cook!!! (which was fabulous, cause I felt pretty crummy-but didn't want to tell him) So, after we both took a little nap, we went to Risky's for a little BBQ and then he even treated Garrett and I to Marble Slab ice cream (which he can't even eat)! See what I mean by greatest guy ever?!

I am so blessed to see Randy with Garrett. He never tries to be his "dad" but works really hard to be a good father figure. They disagree - ALOT- but I think that is normal with all 12 year old boys, but at the end of the day, they really enjoy each other and are both learning so much about each other. I also can't wait to  see him with this new baby. He is already so excited... boy or girl, he will be a great Daddy. 

Happy Fathers Day Randy! Thanks for making our home happy, safe, & secure! We love you so much!!!!

I am watching our friends girls a little this summer. They are so precious and I love them to pieces!!! The little one, Kaylyn, was taking a nap on the couch- sound asleep. The next thing I know, my Zoey is snuggled up as close as she can get and off to sleepy land she went too. I have a feeling that this is a sight that I may get to  see with our baby. I LOVE  this!!! Ooooohhh, I can't wait!

One Whole Year!!!!
So, as usual...I am running behind on Blogging. But, here we go anyways....
On June 2nd Randy and I celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! Randy's favorite thing to say is, "It feels just like 5 minutes.....underwater" (ha ha ha! I have a feeling that I will hear this EVERY year. He thinks his jokes are SO funny.) Randy planned a very sweet treat for me (which is very unlike him:) We went to dinner at Uncle Julio's, my favorite, where I ate like a lunatic. Then we spent the night at the Gaylord- where we spent our wedding night. So sweet! We had a great time. 

This has been a really great first year of marriage. They say the first year is the hardest, but it wasn't so bad and if this is the hardest...then we are set for a fabulous marriage!! We have learned so much about each other and about Chandler too. We may bicker here and there, but above all, we laugh alot, we love each other so much and we are so looking forward to year two! Lot's of changes this year, we most certainly have an adventure ahead of us as a family! 

Everytime we are at the Gaylord, I take our picture in these chairs. They are soooo great! They are brown and turquoise tooled leather and some day I want them in our house, but until then, a picture will do. :)

Me in the gift shop...aren't those glasses great? Randy refused to wear them, even after me sticking my lip out. Party pooper!

After all that eating at Uncle Julio's, by 11:00 I was STARVED again. We ordered me a club sandwich (that was enormous!) and I ate every bite! Randy couldn't believe it. This baby make me super hungry in the evening!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

We made it!!!!!
Today, Garrett finally finished the 6th grade! This seemed like the longest year to us. We are so happy to be done and movin' on up to the 7th (yes, that's right seventh-wow that seems big) grade! As usual, I did my best to annoy him by taking so quick pics today. Randy took him this morning, and I picked him up- he was thrilled to see me taking his picture at school-from the car!  hee hee hee! :) Then it was off to meet Amber, Mikayleigh , and Kaylyn for a little lunch at his new favorite, Panda Express.
We are so proud of you Garrett! Now, let's get the summer started!!! Yippee!!!!