Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of 7th Grade!

Isn't he so cute?
He looks so  old to me. :(
This is the new principle greeting the kids at the front door.
Garrett looked him right in the eye,shook his hand, said good morning , and started his day!

Today, Garrett (Chandler-whatever) started the SEVENTH GRADE!!!! AGHHHH!!!!! I so vividly remember my first day of seventh grade. Even though he was in Middle School last year as a sixth grader, there is something defining about 7th grade! 

This morning he came into my bathroom-he was completely dressed but had a perplexed look on his face. I asked him what the problem was and he pointed to a pimple right in the middle of his forehead! He has been getting them here and there, but hasn't given them a second thought, but today, it was a problem. So funny. We took care of it and off he went- I photo shopped it out of his pictures. (I should note that on my first day of seventh grade I had a HUGE pimple on the end of my nose AND my forehead-I could so relate!) 

He did great! Had a great day! Came out with a smile on his face and talking ninety to nothing- I love that part of back to school...hearing him tell me about his world, in his own words, through his eyes! This year I set the bar a little higher and requested all pre-AP classes (advanced placement), which he got. I just thought that the challenge might make him work a little harder and help him set his sights higher, plus, I totally believe in positive peer pressure-he wasn't super thrilled about it, but did really like his teachers and was a bit excited about what's to come! He is also taking tennis and art which he is SO EXCITED about! We are praying for a great year and can't wait to see what God has in store! 

Here are a few stats about him- I don't know why I never thought to write this stuff down at the beginning of the year, but I am anxious to see how much he grows and changes...
* 4 feet 9 inches tall
* weighs in at 90 pounds
* wears a size Sm/ Med in "mens" shirts
* wears a size 14 in pants
* wears a size 7 in mens shoes

MERCY!!!! How did he get so big? 

Monday, August 25, 2008

We are still alive!!!!!

I haven't blogged in what seems forever! Our last two weeks have been CA-RAY-ZEE!!!! We have been non-stop, and still not much of an end in sight. Here is just a bit of what we have been doing...
*5 doctors appointments-those take forever!
*Jury Duty
*Last hoorah at the water park.
*School shopping-bought my first pair of MENS shoes for my baby-what happened?
*Working-painting, sewing, photo shoots, etc...
*A weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge- fun!
*Randy has traveled to Florida 3 times.
*My fabulous in-laws came for the weekend.
*I registered for the baby-with the help of Linsey and Jaclyn. Otherwise, I would still be there trying to figure that out
*Hair cuts for my guys.
* A week trip to Disney- complete with special guest Tropical Storm Fay.
*Trying to catch up on scrap book stuff in prep. for a scrapbook weekend this weekend.
*Not to mention just the daily house stuff...and the list goes on.

SO, needless to say, there hasn't been alot of time for playing blog catch up!
I hope to post some soon!
Tomorrow is back to school and MAYBE a little routine. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We have sort of an unspoken deal with Garrett and his hair-no hair cut all summer. It drives Randy ca-ra-zeee! I really don't mind it-I think that it's kinda cute. Besides- he wears a hat all summer long anyway so no one really sees it. When it get time to go back to school though, it is time for a cut. Tonight was the night. Here are the before and after! He is darling either way if you ask me. Randy, however, will feel SO much better. We are one step closer to school!

Monday, August 11, 2008

This little cutie pie, we will call "C" is four years old.
He loves several things in the world, but his FAVORITES are:
Baseball and Popsicles!
I had the joy of spending some time with he and his mom last Saturday,
here are just a few from the shoot! 
I can't wait to do the whole darlin' family in September!

23 Weeks!!
Much to my dismay, I have had several requests for new pics of my
growing mid-section! Here ya go! We are at 23 weeks and doing GREAT!
I get bigger everyday, she is moving like crazy, 
at times she is tap dances on my last nerve (starting early), I am really
feeling pretty good also. We are getting more and more excited about
her arrival and are planning her nursery!
Thanks so much for your prayers and well wishes for our family!
Blessings to all of you!

Seriously. How stinking cute is this?!
It's a little scrapbook! Really, really cute!
My friend Jaclyn, in efforts to be her favorite aunt (hee hee!), 
surprised me with it! She makes the best "paper crafts" in the world!
(her link is here)
I wish you could all see it in person-just trust me, you've never seen anything so cute!
Thank you Aunt Jaclyn!
I can't wait to fill it with pictures of the tiny one!

Sterling's Very 1st Mail!!!

Last week we opened the mail box and found this!
Sterling's very first package-with her full name and
everything!! I tore into it really fast and found
these precious books from my mom! They are
called "Fancy Nancy" books. Ever since I found out
we were having a girl, I knew I wanted to start
collecting them! I CAN'T WAIT to read them to her!
Thanks Grandmom! We love them!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Yesterday, I had the special treat to do a newborn shoot with Beckham 
(he was introduced a few weeks ago) and his big sister Paige. He is such a sweet, tiny,
little man. And Paige is a super attentive big sister-a big help to mommy.
Enjoy the pics!

Seriously, isn't he the sweetest little thing.
oooohh!!! Those little pink lips!
Paige keeping a watchful eye!
These are quilts that Mom-Mom (Beckham's Great Grandmother)
made for the little guy! Oh, and he LOVES that passie!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Hee hee hee!!!!

Yesterday, I spent the day with some precious friends at Canton (if you don't know-it's a huge flea market). Which means-outside in a million degree heat in Texas-SOOOO HOOOOOTTT! Anyways....my friends also brought their daughters - who are darling- and so interested in the new baby. All day they would ask "Miss Tomi, is Sterling kicking?","....hungry?", "...hot?" ...thirsty?" Get the picture? So at some point, Catherine, who is 9 said, "Miss Tomi, open your mouth really big." With out a second thought, I obliged immediately. The next thing I know, that sweet little thing was about 2 inches from my mouth, still opened big, and she starts hollerin' "HELLLLLOOOOOO STERLING!!!! HOW ARE YOU IN THERE?" I nearly wet my pants laughing. It was the cutest thing. It made perfect sense in her sweet little head that if that baby is in Miss Tomi's tummy then the most direct path for her to hear me is through her big open mouth! Catherine had the biggest grin on her face and so pleased with herself! I have seen and heard kids do lots of funny things with pregnant mommies, but this, I have never heard of. Aren't kids the best?!