Monday, July 13, 2009

Cheeks Family Vacay 2009

Our family vacation took us to Nashville this year. We had a GREAT time. Nashville is where half the 21 of us live and since my sweet sister in-law gave us twins in June we didn't want her to have to travel, so Nashville it was. It was our first time to travel with Sterling, we looked like we were moving to Nashville with all the stuff we carried. It's amazing all the stuff you "think" you will need on vacation. Anyway...both kids did great on the flight. Sterling fell asleep as soon as we took off and woke the second we started to land (she is the best baby). Garrett read and listened to his ipod and ordered a coke and was happy as could be. We met every one for dinner and then got settled in at Melinda & Travis' for the week. Lots of  "doin" to be done this week and had to get rested up!
Getting read for a plane ride
Loading up

i know i sound like a broken record but, how cute are they?!?!
Sunday, we loaded everyone up for a short road trip to Bowling Green, Kentucky. There were some underground caves to check out. it was cool. chandler and the other boys thought it was great. we toured the cave in a little flat boat and ALL the kids had to wear life jackets (even though the water was about 2 feet deep. sterling was NOT a fan and neither were the other babies, but she did great (however, she looked hilarious). 
this is them in the cave (just before this, we were all practically laying in the floor of the boat, cause the ceiling of the cave was SO low- not for the claustrophobic)
After we made it out, we wandered around in the woods and came across a "Paw Paw" sign that we couldn't pass up. (the "extra" baby is our darling niece ella)
of all the grand kids (9 with one on the way) these are the only boys.
they love to be outside. brandon and caden wear chandler out every visit.
they just want to run and wrestle, and hike, and play.
chandler sleeps really great every night after being with them.
and finally, one last picture from "cave day" 
me and my girl. she was so super happy.
right after this, it literally came a monsoon. we were soaked to the bone.
then a late lunch at the cracker barrel and on our way
back to melinda's to hang out. 

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Father's Day Randy

One of the reasons that I am so in love with Randy, is because he is the Father to my children. He loves them in the most precious way. When he is with them, there is a tenderness to him that is spills out on to Chandler and Sterling. He always says that he is "tough" and "has a reputation to protect" but the heart that he has for them doesn't surprise me, it is really who he is deep down. He smiles at them in the most fabulous way and his eyes light up with so much joy that they belong to him. He is strong, and gentle, and ornery, and loving, a sacrificial provider, a source of aggravation (mostly to Chandler) and laughter. He has opened my eyes to what "devotion" to your children can look like and we are a family that wouldn't be as strong with out him. He thinks his daughter is the most glorious thing that has ever been. He loves Chandler as if he was his very own. He knows that Chandler has his own "real Dad" and honors and respects that, but is more than thrilled to be his Dad in the day to day, and calls him "my boy." This year, several people wished him a "Happy first Father's Day," my sweet husband was quick to say, "This isn't my first Father's Day, it's my 3rd." I think that is reason enough to love him. These are a few of my favorite pictures of this year. They aren't great shots, but they hold precious memories of the love that he has for my children. Thank you Randy for the father that you are. You are a everyday unexpected gift that I NEVER imagined that I would have. I love you so very much!

Being a Dad is dirty work.
His gift for Father's Day. Pictures of the kids playing in mud.
They are so cute and he loved it.
(thank you Major Images)
Our trip to Sea World

This is SO what there relationship is like. They both love each other and 
aggravate the fool out of each other. I don't understand it at all, 
but it makes for an interesting life.

The first time that he held Sterling in the NICU. He was overjoyed!

This is the day that Chandler shot his first two deer. 
I don't think that Randy could have been more proud! 
He smiled for days after this.
(and no, that is not an extra kid that we picked up-just a darling little friend)

Month 7, a month of Firsts!!!

Our girl was 7 months old in June. She changed SO much! The day she turned 7 months, she sat up for the first time (for more than 5 seconds) she is super proud of herself and loves that she can see what we are all up to (she is so nosey-just like her daddy)! That same week, her bottom 2 teeth showed up (and she was a bit of a crab about it). She is eating table food...every time we give her something new to try she grins and looks at us as if to say,"YUM! Yall have been holding out on me!" And there is NOTHING that she hasn't loved (guacamole is her favorite so far!) At a whopping 22 pounds, yes 22, she has out grown her carrier car seat, her bouncy seat, AND her baby bath tub. She is now in a big girl booster, her high chair, and sitting up in the sink for her bath. We went on her first vacation ( a whole 'nuther post about that later), that brought her first plane ride, her first boat ride, her first life jacket (which she hated!), her first tattoo (rub on of course) and her first bar ('cause we are good parents), and her first fire works (she slept through the whole thing)!

She is THE happiest baby (actually, Chandler was the exact same way). We all adore her. And she is IN LOVE with her brother and he is IN LOVE with her. Can't wait to share more of our girl with you!

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