Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh, by the way.... Happy Halloween! 

This is my very first year for Garrett to not be with me. It was time to share with his Daddy, Amanda, and his brother and sister. I am so sad to not have seen him tonight- he LOVES to dress up (he gets that from dad) and starts thinking about the costume in May. (wears me out a little) Anyway....Amanda is great about putting pictures on their family blog so go check it out and se my man dressed as the JOKER. He looks great and sounds like he had a good time! 

Thank you Jacob and Amanda for making sure that he had fun and his costume was all situated with make up and hair!!! The two little ones were quite adorable too!

Just wanted to let anyone who keeps up with us, to know that we are still alive!
We have been CRAZY busy the past few weeks and I don't think that I have had 2 extra seconds to post one darn thing. Here are the highlights of the past couple of weeks. I hope to have sometime to post new pictures and more info soon!

*We moved- I am 9 months prego and we moved. What a big job. I am too old for all this. 
*Randy has worked at the new house every night for 3 weeks and I have been at the old one packing. I hope I don't eat these words, but here goes anyway....I AM NEVER MOVING EVER NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!! I WILL DIE IN THIS HOUSE AT A VERY OLD AGE. NEVER AGAIN. :)
*Garrett started at his new school this last Tuesday and is doing GREAT! I was nervous all day- it was like taking him to kindergarten all over again. All I did was watch the clock so that I could go get him. He is loving it and adjusting really really well. So proud of him.
*We have lived here for a week and today they finally got the kitchen mostly finished. I am so tired of eating out- can't wait to eat at home again.
*Randy has been out of town fora week at a confrence and left again today for opening weekend of deer season- he was SO excited. 
*Garrett has been with his Daddy the past two weekends, so it has pretty much just been me and Zoey unpacking (with some help from some wonderful people who love us).
* I am growing and getting bigger by the second. I am at 35 weeks and already dialated to a 3. Sterling is breech and completely folded in half. One of my doctors that I saw this week, doesn't sound to convinced that she will turn over or that I will make it to 38 or 39 weeks. She told me to go home and get my bags packed and car seat ready. OH MY!!!! Did I mention that we just moved and I am up to my eyeballs in a huge mess. I need her to hang on at least 2 more weeks. The important thing is, she is healthy and so am I. I may have to have a c-section, but in the grand scheme of things, that is minor and I am so blessed to have had a healthy pregnancy and baby. Everything else is just small potatoes!

I hope that you are all doing well and enjoying the fall! I will try to get something else up soon!
Much love to everyone!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just want to remind everyone that I do have a photography website. 
I would love for you to check it out and see my work!
Let me know when you visit it and what you think!

The Henslee's

Aren't they cute! Sweet sweet family that I got to follow around
on Sunday. The boys are so precious! Happy as can be
and super cooperative - which always makes my job a bit easier!
If you are lucky, maybe you will get one of their Christmas cards this year!

The Circus

We had our yearly trip to the circus this last weekend. Fun as always! There were about a million babies there that were dressed to the "t" and were so darn was  dressed as a clown-she was about 9 months old and all we could do was talk about how we can't wait to bring Sterling with us next year!
And maybe she will be a clown too! So cute!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Randy's 32!!!

This last week Randy had his 32nd Birthday. (he's so old- hee hee) He has been so busy between work and working on the house, that we didn't get to really celebrate like I would like (and his birthday is all about me-right?) anyway...after another long day of him working, I made dinner-roast, potatoes, carrots, hot corn, and Symphony Brownies. It was just our little family, our dog, and of course, the Birthday Sombrero. It was nice to just sit together and look at each others faces- a rare occurrence these days.

Randy is simply just the best guy ever. He is constantly giving, sacrificing, working and loving our growing family. He never complains, is rarely a grump- due to his lack of sleep and rest. He loves us with out end and we are always secure in knowing that we are his priority. I am constantly humbled knowing that God was so gracious in giving him to me and Garrett. 

Happy Birthday sugar! We love you and can't wait to spend the next year with you!

love -
tomi, Garrett, Sterling & Zoey

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Laurence /Tooley Family

The Laurence - Tooley Family

I love this family. The out takes are quite hilarious. :) I have known Elizabeth - the bride to be in the middle- for over 20 years. This is her whole wide family and I was SO happy to be able to take their pictures! Here are a few of my favorites from the day.  Enjoy!


Trying to play a little catch up. I am, as we said when waiting tables, IN THE WEEDS!!!! I will try to get lots posted soon-please be patient and check back in to see what we've been up to!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Well....our new house is a DEEE-ZASSSS-TERRRRR!!!!
We closed on the house Tuesday at 11 am, by 12:30 pm they were knocking out walls, and tearing up the kitchen. Now it is just a huge mess. But- we are starting to see the "vision" that we have for our new home. We are so looking forward to be in the house, being settled, and getting ready to bring Sterling home.

Randy is working like a dog-between work and working on the house, he is worn out! I am so grateful to have a husband who is willing to sacrifice so much for our family- with out one moments complaint. I wish that I was equally as kind when I am tired and overwhelmed....thank goodness that he loves me regardless of my moods. :)

Keep checking the blog to see our progress. We have 3 weeks from tomorrow to get it all done-so we will have updates really fast and furious.

Blog ya later!!!

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