Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of High School!
(this is the first day of kindergarten)
(this was today- 9th grade!)

how did we get here so fast? high school. wow.

i, like so many other mom's do on this day every year, think back on all of our other "first day's" of school... today was my 10th. and i am overwhelmed by the thought that i only have 3 more after today. just 3 more times to drive up to school, tell him to be GREAT, like God made him to be, try my best to get a hug and a kiss with out embarrassing him too much, tell him i can't wait to see him in a few hours and hear ALL about the day, and send him off into school. just 3 more times. (can you see me wiping away tears and sniffle)

i remember when i first took him to kindergarten- i was a mess. i was so excited for him. i couldn't wait to hear all about his new friends and the play ground, and lunch time. i was thrilled at the thought of "home work", so that i could see all that he was learning (clearly, i am WAY over being excited about homework) i was scared. scared that i would be missing out on something while he was away from me, in someone else's care (thank you mrs. le roy for loving him). and i could only imagine all the things that waited for him inside that school, all the things he would learn, friends he would make, and new opportunities for his future.
(look how little he is...i LOVE this of him walking in to W A Porter elementary for the first time!)

and today, i don't feel much differently. just a bigger kid, a smaller backpack, and a bigger school.

i wept again today, like i do every year (literally) as soon as i drove away. wept. i am certain that will happen the next 3 years too. i have dreamed about him being in high school and all the fun things that he will get to be a part of. homecoming, driving, football games, dances, pep rallies- so so many fun things!

so today, i am praying for God to shine favor on him as he starts this new part of his life. i pray for sweet friends, teachers to care for him, a heart that is kind to others, and a mind that is open to learning all that he can. again...not unlike i did the first day of kindergarten.
(really, was he not the CUTEST thing you have ever laid eyes on?)

here are a few more pictures from this morning. he is not nearly as patient or happy to pose for me anymore. but he endured for me.
have a great year my boy! i love you to bits!!!!


Touch of Grace Photography said...

Wow. that just brought tears to my eyes. Garrett is so lucky to have you as a mom. He's a great kid and is turning into a great man!! We sure are blessed!!

T.M. Lunsford said...

Wow, he is WAY too big! If he needs any help at Birdville, my grandma (Mrs. Lunsford) is teaching math there.