Saturday, September 03, 2011

cheeks, party of 5

these were our first "family" pictures with all 5 of us.  they were so fun.
this session, i finally took my own advice...
as a photographer, i always tell people to NOT stress out about what they wear,
the location, or to over think it. when our sweet photographer, Karyn Kelbaugh
showed up to our front door. i was LITERALLY in my pajamas still, the babies asleep 
in their beds (with not a clue as to what we were wearing),
 and i had NO idea where we would go to do the shoot.
clearly, i had taken the "don't over think it to a new level"
we threw on some clothes (whatever they wanted to wear-nothing "matched")
and headed to our back yard that was full of dead grass, branches, and nothing pretty-
when were done there, we headed up the street to a train track, unsure of what would be there.
this was the most relaxed, un-stressful, and fun family shoot ever. 
no tears, no crying, no fighting, no eye rolling...nothing.
and the result-was a set of images that beautifully reflect each member of my 
family and each of their precious personalities. 
i love them. they will forever be treasured.

when i look at these pictures, i am overwhelmed by how much i love the people in them.
that THIS is actually MY family...and i can't believe that they are mine.
i can't believe that God for some reason, saw it fit to let me have them. 

this is maverick kirby------
he is 6 months old. he is happy. he loves to suck his left thumb, loves it.
his eyes are the most beautiful blue i have ever stared into. 
i want to soak him up with a biscuit and gobble him up. 
he is was a precious and treasured surprise 5th member of our family.

sterling maye-------
she is 2, and all that comes with it. she is a MESS that you can't help but love.
she is silly, but at times super shy and clingy (which i kinda love).
she has personality beyond her years.  she is ornery. she is beautiful.
she calls her brothers "bubba" (chandler) and "buddy" (maverick) and 
is quick to correct you if you interchange their "names."
and she thinks they are both fabulous.

chandler garrett------
he is 14 and a freshman in high school (i have no idea when this happened)
he is smart. he is funny. i enjoy just hanging out with him and listening to 
his opinions of the world around him. he's super talented and creative.
he thinks his parents are embarrassing, but secretly he thinks we are hysterically funny...
at least that's what i tell myself. i totally have a crush on him and think he's fabulous!

randy & tomi-----
he's my hero. i am a crazy nut case. he's smart and a hard worker.
i am a photographer and mom and a wife. 
he loves his job (regional director of operations for a really great long term care company).
he loves to hunt. i love road trips with just he and i. we make each other laugh.

 i love how they play together. it sends me to the moon to watch them and makes me super happy!

she wears these wings every where. and i can barely stand the cuteness. 

 someday we are gonna be best friends....after she's a teenager. :)

oooh. these 3. precious.

my boys. they share a birthday-14 years apart. 
the first and the last boys i will ever fall in love with.

randy is such a great dad. he is crazy about these kids and about me.
and that is one of the BEST feelings in the whole world!

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