Sunday, September 04, 2011


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maverick was born on may 12, 2010....14 years to the day that his big brother was born....
it is a very special day for this momma. my first and my last baby born on the same day. that doesn't happen very often. we had been so worried that our new little man would come on a day that might keep me from being able to celebrate chandlers birthday and also have me laid up in the hospital while he has his 8th grade graduation from middle school. the thought of that was just so hard for me to be ok with. of course, God had it under control
 (i have found that he usually does, if we would just stop and allow it). on the morning of the 12th we went to the amazing Dr Beverly Wood and begged her to let us have this baby today. she said that ONLY if i was dialated and that she felt good about it, she would consider it.  i crossed my fingers and willed my "girls parts" to do what they were supposed to do...actually i may have threatened them, that's beside the point. DR checked and indeed my pep talk worked--- DR  "wanna meet back at 1 to have this baby?"  ---me, "is the pope catholic?!?! let's do this!"

we got in the elevator, squealed, and began calling all of our people to let them know what was fixing to happen.  since it was ALSO chandlers bday, we had promised to come eat with him at school and bring his favorite lunch....instead we got him out of class for the day, took him to out to eat for birthday lunch (at chili's of course) and straight  back to the hospital. 

having a baby by c-section is a WHOLE differnt game. it's very calm and easy. no huge dramas. the family is all there in the room when we wheeled out in our gowns and hats. and wait there until we come back with our new bundle of love.

as soon as they wheel me into the delivery room (alone, they call for randy later) i am freezing. it is so cold you can hardly stand it. between that and my nerves, i laid there shaking like leaves on a tree...almost uncontrolable (which was embarassing). getting an epidural while shaking like your in an earthquke is no fun. but they did it, cause they were great and amazing...then that darn sheet goes up. i know it is to protect me from something that would be sure to scar me for life, but i am dying to know what's going on down there. finally randy is in and at my side. tells me that he loves me and that he's proud of me. and then he does what only any good "Cheeks" man does-small talk and chatter with the staff. sheesh. this makes me crazy. DON'T DISTRACRT THE PROFESSIONALS THAT HAVE YOUR WIFE CUT OPEN IN HALF!!!!! it will make your wife feel better if everyone is paying attention to their job. (just a little advice to those who may need it) and then just like that after a little pulling, and stretching, and discomfort, and wierdness, your baby's face appears over that white sheet like magic and everything changes right that second. i have another new baby, and my heart just filled with so much love and joy, i worry that it may explode and they will have to admit me a as a cardiac patient.   bliss.

randy takes my new tiny man down the hall and to our room where his already adoring fans wait for his debut, i stay in that cold room and thank the drs, nurses, and God for making this go well and taking the best care of me they could. and then i close my eyes and take it all in....i thank God for my new little guy, for the big brother and sister, i pray for my marriage and that we can be strong for our children and teach them to honor Him. i praise HIM for his grace and mercies that pour over me. thank him for another chance at the life that i had always dreamed of. 

then i make the ride back to my room and i just lay there in my bed and watch. i watch how randy shows him off to all of our guests, how chandler BEAMS when he sees and holds his birthday buddy, sterling fascintated by his tiny nose, how he is introduced to his fantastic grandparents, how the nurses and technicians come in and out,  new people are arriving , i listen to the ooooh's and ahhhhh's and laughter---it's music that reaches down to the very depths of my soul. these are the moments that i will never forget  the rest of my life. sitting and watching those that i love experience and rejoice over the birth of my new baby. my cup runneth over.

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