Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chandler wants to live with Melinda & Travis.

My sister and brother in law bought a house this past spring. IT IS FANTASTIC!
The best part is the property. It's gorgeous!!! This is their front yard 
(view from the front porch). Isn't it great? You can't even see the road- it is country livin'
with out being out in the boon docks! Chandler ran and rode four wheelers, shot
fire works, climbed trees, explored, played with the dog...every night he was filthy dirty and
completely exhausted from playing so dang hard. The other reason that he would love to move in with Travis and Melinda (besides that they are so fun and all the kids favorite aunt and uncle despite my trying to beat them) Travis is a vet and they got to borrow a horse for a few days.
Chandler love love loved it! 
He's a natural.

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