Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Day of 8th Grade
I know that I start so many posts with this question in some form, "Where has the time gone?" but I truly ask myself that nearly everyday. Chandler just started the 8th grade-his last year of Middle School. Only one year left till High School. 4 and half till college. Where has the time gone? 
He is LOVING school. He started playing football, is in all pre-AP classes, and is in select art, he also is playing soccer outside of school. He is a busy little bee. He is a typical 13 year old kid, but funny, kind, and he is in love for the first time (however, it is with his baby sister- more on that later:) 
I just wanted to share his "First Day Look" (it looks thrown together, but trust me- LOTS of thought went into this).  We are so proud of the kid that he is and know that we are really lucky that he is ours!

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