Monday, September 21, 2009

Sterling @ 9 months old!
This baby is something else! She is the busiest little thing-into EVERYTHING!!! We have had to move things, child proof, block off doors. I never had to do that with her brother. It is a whole new world around here. She is also the happiest of babies-smiling and giggling all the time. She thinks her brother is the greatest thing ever! She is crawling fast and furious, and has zero fear. 

She has this past month, out grown more than just her clothes! We have had to put away her bouncy seat, her car seat, the bath tub, and the swing. We took pictures of her in them just so we could compare to when she was first in them all and it is crazy how much bigger she is now. She thought getting in each of these was great fun-she hadn't been in them in a while so they seemed like "new" toys to her.  She was sad when we took her out and threw a minor fit, then she was off crawling to get into something else!

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